Public Bio Edit

Suzune Gasai is world-famous for her abilities when it comes to crafting high-class dolls. Whether they be carved from wood, or made of porcelain, the Gasai dolls are always put together with care and loving detail. It is unknown how she came about this business, but Suzune has perfected the art of dollmaking.

Appearance Edit

Standing at six feet and eight inches, Suzune is a tall girl with an average build and a..ahem, "noticeable" bust. Her long black hair is curled and falls to around her midback. She wears fancy gothic lolita clothes, consisting of black, white and red colors. Her pale face is accentuated with black lipstick and her green eyes with matching green eyeshadow. She wears elegant platforms that raise her another two inches for a full height of six feet, ten inches.

Personality Edit

Suzune has a more refined personality. She attempts to carry herself in an elegant way, rather than be boorish and bland like other people. Perhaps it's because of her wealthy upbringing and location of residency. She's eloquent with her speech and tries her best to be a good person, but when you're around buffoons, it's hard to play nice like a good girl.

Death Edit

In the second chapter, Suzune walked in on and triggered the trap that Chika Chiyozaki had set for Notori, taking a dumbbell to the chest as well as a lethal injection. She died of her wounds in Notori's arms.