Public Bio Edit

San is the only child of a French male model and a Japanese classical musician, and was raised to know you have to fight for fame. He is the lead singer of the punk band Winter Graves. He wrote and was the leading force that got his band band out to mainstream media with the song “The Rise and Fall of Damare”. His band is currently planning to tour after San finishes this year of schooling at Hope’s Peak.

Appearance Edit

San is tall but muscular, standing at six foot five and weighing one hundred and ninety-seven pounds. He often wears a red and gray striped shirt, with red straps and gray belts, with black jeans and boots. His hair is red and cut in an undercut. He has red eyes, one hidden under a black color contact, a trademark of his band Winter Graves, and often wears a white or red surgical mask. His ears are pierced and he has an industrial piercing on his right ear.

Personality Edit

San is a very rough around the edges character and is very hard to get to know. He’s often very angry and can be rather violent if you get on his bad side. However, beneath it all, he has a soft spot for animals and small children, and if you get him talking about music, he could very well talk your ears off, due to how passionate he is about them. If you can gain his friendship, you have made a very valuable ally.