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Mina Minami 「 南 未菜」 Edit

Public Bio Edit

From an early age, the adorable Mina Minami was destined for greatness. It was as if she was born with an unearthly gift for music. Her little hands were made to fly across ivory keys at a fast speed and fill the air with melodies of angels. Her endearing personality and childish charm soon won the hearts of people all around the world. From musicians and music fans to the most unlikely of listeners, the little prodigy rallied in a large fan base quickly and it just continues to grow with every passing day.

Appearance Edit

The first thing you notice about her is her size. Mina is clearly one of the youngest in the group, measuring at only a little bit more than 4 feet tall. She sticks out in a crowd (or perhaps disappears is more like it). She gives off the aura and vibe of a sweet young girl. Her long, curly brown hair and wide eyes sparkle with hope and eagerness. She has chubby cheeks and a dimpled smile that could charm even the meanest of men.

Her default outfit consists of a salmon colored fuku-style dress with a burnt orange skirt. The fuku collar and sleeve cuffs are a baby pink with a yellow accent ribbon tie. A matching yellow ribbon also ties around her hair. She wears baby blue knee-high socks with a piano key design trim as well as brown leather penny loafers. On her hands, she wears matching blue silk gloves that fit snugly against her skin.

Personality Edit

At first glance, she seems quiet, shy, and innocent. And while these are somewhat true, her true personality is a bit skittish. A childlike innocence and a desire to please others is what drives the young girl to greatness. She has a tendency to apologize and critique herself, only to be expected from such a young star in the spotlight. Other than her determination to be accepted, Mina tends to act younger than she is. Often acting shy and ignorant, it doesn’t seem that the girl is fourteen years old. She has book smarts and is intelligent due to rigorous homeschooling, but street smarts and sometimes common sense are not her strong suit.

The following article contains spoilers about the character(s.) You have been warned.

Backstory Edit