Appearance Edit

Jenna is rather short compared to all of his classmates. She does have a very weak and frail body, due to the numerous times that she has been beaten up. She has long and slightly curly blue hair and blue eyes. Her main outfit would be described as "tacky" or "disgusting" by her bullies. Her outfit is a white t-shirt that has a stigma symbol that is spread vertically across the front. On top of that was a gray jacket that had a small pocket at her left chest that had a Ohm symbol patched into it. She also wears a pair of brown shorts with matching knee high socks and black Mary Jane's. Finally, she wears wireless orange headphones that her twin brother made for her, making her hair bangs a bit curly.

Personality Edit

At first glance, Jenna comes off as a outcast and a stutter little lady. She stutters in mid-sentence or she will speak perfectly depending on the person. She can be slightly rude and picky, however it is really she just isn't accustomed to new people due to what happened to her in the past. It takes her a little while to warm up, though once she does, she becomes a sweetheart and caring person. She tries to protect those she cares, even if it takes to risk her own life.