Public Bio Edit

Bartender, the quick and mysterious SHSL Bartender. Tell him a drink, and with the right ingredients, will make it in a second. But something seems off…what might it be? He currently known mostly through America and Japan, and is famously known to work at a certain club named 'A thorn's home.'

Appearance Edit

Bartender is a tall young man who wears a cat-like mask. He wears a tuxedo to any occasion, not matter the weather, and normally wears black gloves. Bartender has dirty-blonde silk-like hair and a cut on his neck while is out in the open.

Personality Edit

'Bartender’ is an extremely cold person. He’s usually an  and is very quiet. The only way you can break him from this little facade is flirting with him. He’s very protective of his  and doesn’t like people seeing his face. He will also do anything to protect the people he’s friends with.